Friday, April 14, 2017

School Triathlon

Before the triathlon everyone was nervous as we were walking to the hall to wait for the races to begin. The year 5 girls were going first while everyone else was watching a movie called The Secret Life Of Pets.

The run:🏃
Everyone heard the hooter go off!. It was a tough run for lots of people. You had to run approximately 1 km. It was through the field and down the parking lot and around the block of C.S.N.S. Then you had to go back to school, which was disappointing. Everyone went on the turf and got their bikes and put their helmets on. They ran off the turf for the critical 2 laps cycling around the field.

The bike: 🚴
They raced around the field. The best riders went as fast as they could and when they got to the second lap there were still people just starting the bike leg. After the bike it was time for the swim. They had to take off our shoes, socks, shirt and shorts if they were wearing any. Some people got slowed down taking off their shoes and socks but most people didn’t have troubles. And now it was time for the swim.

The swim:🏊

The swim must have been easy for some people and difficult for others because some people walked in the pool and confident swimmers swam. They had to run to one side of pool and jump in then swim to the other side of the pool and go under the rope and swim back again. Then they had to run beside the senior playground which was near the finish line. It was finally the end of the race and it was time to relax

By Cillian and Sam

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